13-Sep-2017 NSW KJA state titles
13-May-2016 2016 AKJA Nationals
30-Jul-2015 Pangration Uniforms
30-Dec-2008 Quick Fix Fitness now starting.
30-Dec-2008 UFC and bullshit forums stories
24-Mar-2008 OLYMPIC selection results

About Mick Cutajar

Micks acting back ground Martial arts has played a big role when auditioning for TV or movie roles,which i have been successful.This was due to being a sporting identity in martial arts,such as caged combat,extreme fighting,world champion in No rules Pangration plus several international & National judo & jujitsu titles, judo Olympic team)

In this clip I was head of the fight Choreographing and also played in this clip.

Past agent MCTV:I was with MCTV for 14 years,I am 39years old, 178cm in height can have brown or blond hair,I have green eyes, tanned skin, my work in previous films & media such as: Mission impossible, Neighbors, All saints, Blue murder, Witchery, Headlands.

Modeling was with jeans west, Grace brothers, David Jones."Radio interviews" with ABC, I98 FM Illawarra Wave FM Illawarra,Prime Capital & WIN Wollongong.

I have acted in small rolls and can have been used a stunt actor for scenes that involve fighting action packed.recently i played a spartan in the new soon to be released part 2 (of 300). see photo gallery for these photos.    
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finishing of spartan 2009

recently i secured a role in the hit TV show underbelly via my agent 'voom management"

Media / news articles
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If you would like more information please contact me.

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